This morning I went for a wander through the woods, no map, no compass, no satnav only the sun to tell me in which direction was south. With Epiphany coming, my wanderings made me think of the three Kings, they had only nature to aid their travel. The sun by day and stars by night, one particular star.

They did what was expected of anyone, the tale was of the birth of a king so they went to a palace. Only to find they were in the wrong place, a king did live there but the one they were looking for. This king was threatened by the news that a new king had been born. So the King’s bid him farewell,but not before they had agreed to return and share where the new king was to be found.

The King’s set of following the star, they had faith that they would find the King. In faith they found him,lying in a simple manger not in a golden crib in a palace.

Do you follow the Star, what means of navigation do you use, your bible, your prayers.

Thank goodness the kings took note of the dream they all had to return their home land by a different. Their faith shone through, does yours?


And my walk, I got home safely  and saw some beautiful sights which I share below.




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I am NS Priest , Wife, Mum and a hairdresser. My friend has a great name for me prayers and layers. I love taking photographs and this blog is a way of sharing them.

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