Where am I?

Where am I?

Sat on the beach

What can I see?

a vast expanse of sea that is Lyme Bay

a beach called Chesil stretches out before me.

a sun shimmering golden road cuts a swathe  across the sea.

waves rise and then fall  before  breaking  up on the shore

wispy clouds decorate the sky

a golden orb is a jewel of gold

What can I hear?

waves breaking upon the shore,

the sound of shingle under foot,

the cry of seagulls.

What can I feel?

the gentle warmth of the late evening sunshine upon my face.

How do I feel?

at rest 

at ease

at peace.

I sit in awe and wonderment at the magnificence I see before me,






the light grows dim,

the golden road loses its shimmer and is gone

the sun disappears over the horizon,

the day is over and the night begins.

Margaret Preuss-Higham


The River


The river, it doth flow gently,

Onwards to the sea.

Silently it moves,


According to its mood.

Harbouring life

Concealing its power.

It gives  so much

It is life giving,

In more ways than one.

It has the power to do so much

Sustain life

Destroy life

The river mirrors life’s journeys

Its twists

Its turns

The ebb and flow of the tide.

Its dry times, where very little flows

Its times of plenty, where the water rises

and there is too much to cope with.

The Good Shepherd leads us

beside still waters

he can’t always keep them calm

but he is with us through the twists and turns

during the ebb and flow of life

believe and be saved,

by  his life giving water.

Margaret Preuss-Higham



The Fleet

It sits betwixt and between
shingle shore and yonder green bank
haunt of smugglers in times past
home of fishermen,
and tomorrow.

a place of peace,
a place of tranquility,
a place to reflect,
that place,
The Fleet.

home to the swan,
majestic and white,
so pure,
so strong,
so elegant,
as it glides across the fleet,
with head held high.

a place of peace.
a place of tranquility,
a place to reflect.
that is the Fleet.

the boats traverse the fleet,
through strength of men,
that they may catch fish
In order to feed the soul.

a place of peace,
a place of tranquilty,
a place to reflect
on Gods created world,
that is the Fleet.

Margaret Preuss-Higham