Black and white or white and black, that is the question ?




dog and his mistress

A black and white photo or should that be a white and black photo is a challenge to  any mind, no colour to add warmth, no colour to add mood, no colour to give away time of day.

A black and white photo is just that. the  beauty of black and white photography is that it can take on whole new different meanings depending on what it is your shooting or who it is you ask.
As all photography was originally monochrome, or black and white, it’s easy to feel a sense of nostalgia over them. Today, many modern day photographers choose to shoot or post-process in black and white, creating striking photos.
Whether it’s capturing the texture of an object or seeing the form, shading, pattern or tone, black and white photography will give you a greater appreciation for life’s little details. By taking away colour, you’ll see an object without distractions.
From an artistic viewpoint; colour depicts reality. Black and white is an interpretation of reality.

I have changed  these photos from Colour to Black and white, which do you preferImageImageImageImage


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550294_10200546773136148_1510092303_nWife,mother,sister,auntie, friend, priest, beaver scout leader and hairstylist.My friend has a great name for me prayers and layers. I love taking photographs which as you can see I am using to make prayer cards.
I am a priest living in Bridport, a wonderful vibrant town. full of restaurants,individual shops what you could call a place for those who like all things different.
I am privileged to have been able to stay here all my life enjoying all the town has to give and be able to have on my doorstep the magnificent Jurassic Coast