The 5W ‘s – Wonderful Wandering Walk in Wayford Woods


Wayford Woods is an  out of the way place in somerset, not a place you would just happen upon.A tranquil place, the silence is only broken by beautiful bird song and the sound of the occasional train. Paths go hither and thither, up and down adding an air of mystery. Oh how i wish I had worn wellies,they are a good bet for footwear at the moment. The colours there at this time are wonderful, from deep red rhododendrons to white with a hint of pink with carpets of bluebells everywhere. Tree buds are bursting forth, fresh vibrant green ferns are uncurling and the clear stream flows beside the path making a melodious tinkling sound according to my husband.
There is a secret, the little doors in the trees but don’t tell the children before you take them. There is even a playground for the fairies. HAVE FUN

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