The Fleet

It sits betwixt and between
shingle shore and yonder green bank
haunt of smugglers in times past
home of fishermen,
and tomorrow.

a place of peace,
a place of tranquility,
a place to reflect,
that place,
The Fleet.

home to the swan,
majestic and white,
so pure,
so strong,
so elegant,
as it glides across the fleet,
with head held high.

a place of peace.
a place of tranquility,
a place to reflect.
that is the Fleet.

the boats traverse the fleet,
through strength of men,
that they may catch fish
In order to feed the soul.

a place of peace,
a place of tranquilty,
a place to reflect
on Gods created world,
that is the Fleet.

Margaret Preuss-Higham


Good Friday


The day is near, the time has come

Bread is broken, Wine is drunk
The deal is done,

Fate has been sealed
Sealed with a kiss, the sign of love, no less
How times have changed, how people change
From cries of love, to cries of hate
The awaited one came, they couldn’t see
He healed, taught love but, still they did not see
Now time has passed, they’ve had their chance,
they chose their path.
Hand are washed, backs are turned
The cross stands high, one of three, for all to see
Bang, bang, bang,
one, two and three
The crown of thorns, to crown a king
Spills blood for sins He came to bear
The sky, it darkens
Forgive , forgive, forgive
It’s over

by  Margaret  Preuss-Higham

Black and white or white and black, that is the question ?




dog and his mistress

A black and white photo or should that be a white and black photo is a challenge to  any mind, no colour to add warmth, no colour to add mood, no colour to give away time of day.

A black and white photo is just that. the  beauty of black and white photography is that it can take on whole new different meanings depending on what it is your shooting or who it is you ask.
As all photography was originally monochrome, or black and white, it’s easy to feel a sense of nostalgia over them. Today, many modern day photographers choose to shoot or post-process in black and white, creating striking photos.
Whether it’s capturing the texture of an object or seeing the form, shading, pattern or tone, black and white photography will give you a greater appreciation for life’s little details. By taking away colour, you’ll see an object without distractions.
From an artistic viewpoint; colour depicts reality. Black and white is an interpretation of reality.

I have changed  these photos from Colour to Black and white, which do you preferImageImageImageImage


DSCF5483.jpgeggardonr colouregerdon bw