Sun dogs

Last evening I was on the Chesil Beach, which is located on the South coast of England in the county of Dorset. It is a pebble beach 18 miles long and stretches north-west from Portland to West Bay. For much of its length it is separated from the mainland by an area of saline water called the Fleet Lagoon.

As you can see it was a beautiful evening, the sun was shining but also in the sky were 2 vertical rainbows however we hadn’t had any rain.

what are sun dogs?

Sun dogs (or sundogs), mock suns[1] or phantom suns,[2] scientific name parhelia (singular parhelion), are an atmospheric phenomenon that consists of a pair of bright spots on either horizontal side on the Sun, often co-occurring with a luminous ring known as a 22° halo.[3]

Sun dogs are a member of a large family of halos, created by light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere. Sun dogs typically appear as two subtly colored patches of light to the left and right of the Sun, approximately 22° distant and at the same elevation above the horizon as the Sun. They can be seen anywhere in the world during any season, but they are not always obvious or bright. Sun dogs are best seen and are most conspicuous when the Sun is close to the horizon.




looking skyward


looking skyward through leafless trees,

the autumn season

bringing nakedness  to branches.

the branches reach skywards

reaching for light,

light that will enliven in the spring

bringing forth green foliage

and the circle continues

until autumn comes again,

And nakedness returns.

I sat down !


I sat down upon the cliff on a grey summers day,

lost in a moment of time

with an aura of calmness, and aware of nothing.

I sat and looked around me,

the wind blew my hair

the sound of silence broken only by the gentle regularity of  waves lapping onto the shore,

the sound of human voices expressing joy as play ensued out of sight.

the sun breaking through the grey overcast sky

shining a shimmering path across the sea.

these sounds and sights took me away from time for a fleeting moment.

Thank you God for creating this world for us , for me.



The Fleet

It sits betwixt and between
shingle shore and yonder green bank
haunt of smugglers in times past
home of fishermen,
and tomorrow.

a place of peace,
a place of tranquility,
a place to reflect,
that place,
The Fleet.

home to the swan,
majestic and white,
so pure,
so strong,
so elegant,
as it glides across the fleet,
with head held high.

a place of peace.
a place of tranquility,
a place to reflect.
that is the Fleet.

the boats traverse the fleet,
through strength of men,
that they may catch fish
In order to feed the soul.

a place of peace,
a place of tranquilty,
a place to reflect
on Gods created world,
that is the Fleet.

Margaret Preuss-Higham


Black and white or white and black, that is the question ?




dog and his mistress

A black and white photo or should that be a white and black photo is a challenge to  any mind, no colour to add warmth, no colour to add mood, no colour to give away time of day.

A black and white photo is just that. the  beauty of black and white photography is that it can take on whole new different meanings depending on what it is your shooting or who it is you ask.
As all photography was originally monochrome, or black and white, it’s easy to feel a sense of nostalgia over them. Today, many modern day photographers choose to shoot or post-process in black and white, creating striking photos.
Whether it’s capturing the texture of an object or seeing the form, shading, pattern or tone, black and white photography will give you a greater appreciation for life’s little details. By taking away colour, you’ll see an object without distractions.
From an artistic viewpoint; colour depicts reality. Black and white is an interpretation of reality.

I have changed  these photos from Colour to Black and white, which do you preferImageImageImageImage


DSCF5483.jpgeggardonr colouregerdon bw