tom and me

I am life long Dorset resident, living in the picturesque village of Portesham, wife to Roger,mother to Tom,sister to Gill,auntie to many but especially to Hannah and Liam, friend to some very special people, priest for the Benefice of Abbotsbury,Langton Herring and Portesham and last but not least a hairstylist.

A vocation to priesthood called in later life and at the age of 51 I began training.It was  hard, having left at 16 to start hairdressing, to suddenly have to write 2500 word assignments was incredibly hard especially with slight dyslexia. However, I knew God would get me through and he did. I was ordained priest at Petertide 4 yrs ago,it was the most amazing day, the only cloud was that my parents were not able to see as they are both deceased.

I enjoy taking photographs and have shared many of my home county.During recent months I have been inspired by my photos and the wonderful scenery around to  write my thoughts on my surrounding. I hope you enjoy reading them.


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