Where am I?

Where am I?

Sat on the beach

What can I see?

a vast expanse of sea that is Lyme Bay

a beach called Chesil stretches out before me.

a sun shimmering golden road cuts a swathe  across the sea.

waves rise and then fall  before  breaking  up on the shore

wispy clouds decorate the sky

a golden orb is a jewel of gold

What can I hear?

waves breaking upon the shore,

the sound of shingle under foot,

the cry of seagulls.

What can I feel?

the gentle warmth of the late evening sunshine upon my face.

How do I feel?

at rest 

at ease

at peace.

I sit in awe and wonderment at the magnificence I see before me,






the light grows dim,

the golden road loses its shimmer and is gone

the sun disappears over the horizon,

the day is over and the night begins.

Margaret Preuss-Higham


Published by


I am NS Priest , Wife, Mum and a hairdresser. My friend has a great name for me prayers and layers. I love taking photographs and this blog is a way of sharing them.

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