living giving and life

The Cross stands proud beside the lake just the perfect place to hang

the life saving ring.

So how many times have you felt you are drowning in the turbulent waters of life.

Whether the water is shallow or deep sometimes there is too much to bear,

too much to dam up, too much to hold back.

The depth doesn’t matter, the water just floods in, crashing over, swamping, dragging  you  spiralling downwards into the deep dark depths of despair.

But do not despair for help is at hand,

the life giving orange circle of life that was hung on the cross is there to save.

But there can’t be a half hearted attempted to hold on,

no one handed attempt,

no hand behind the back with fingers crossed.

The help is there to be taken with a firm grip in both hands if it is truly want it.

Christ was hung on the cross to save us the life belt is hung on the cross to save us.

Margaret Preuss-Higham

Published by


I am NS Priest , Wife, Mum and a hairdresser. My friend has a great name for me prayers and layers. I love taking photographs and this blog is a way of sharing them.

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