lost in a moment of time.

I saw this guy cycling along the prom, then suddenly he disappeared and I spotted him on the rocks. As you can see he is sat shirtless and shoeless on a summers evening  by the sea, smoking. However, his eyes are looking downwards, to me he looks calm, perhaps deep in thought , lost on a moment of time.

Where is he?

Lost in his own world.

but where is his world.

Why the downwards glance.

a sad thought in his mind

or a moment for contemplation.

a time and place for deep thinking.

or is the noise of the gently lapping waves on the rocks beneath transcending him beyond this world.



lost in a moment of time


I thought it would be interesting to change the photo from colour to black and white to see if the change would convey different thoughts on the scene.

It does for me, bit does it for you.

I would love you to share you thoughts


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I am NS Priest , Wife, Mum and a hairdresser. My friend has a great name for me prayers and layers. I love taking photographs and this blog is a way of sharing them.

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